LRE Summer Library Checkout Dates

LRE Summer Library Checkout Dates
Summer Library Checkout

LRE Media Center Summer Hours-2019

We will have our school library open every other week this summer. Students will be able to check-out books from our LRE library. This is beneficial because students are very comfortable with our library. This program will be open to all LRE students and their siblings.

We encourage parents, grandparents, and sitters to bring their children to the LRE library on these dates:

June 13 Thursday 4-6 pm

June 27 Thursday 4-6 pm

July 11 Thursday 4-6 pm

July 25 Thursday 4-6 pm

August 8 Thursday 4-6 pm


*All books will be due the week of Assessments and Open House at LRE  (August 26-28 2019)

You may drop off books anytime in the office or media center during the summer.

Safety is a major concern for us at LRE so we are asking that students do come with an adult. It may be a parent, neighbor, daycare provider, or relative. There will not be any patrols or parents supervising the outside area.